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Drop offs will be Mid AM on Thursday April 20th. Please order ASAP!

Fresh Baked Croissant Sandwiches:

The Schmancy Pants: Apricot Spread, Melted Brie, Grey Poupon $8

The Fig n’ Pig: Thin Shaved Prosciutto, Melted Brie, and Fig Jam $10

The Waldorf: Cranberry and Candied Pecan Chicken Salad with Apple

Butter Spread $9


Quiches: Spinach and Feta, or Roasted Veggie $17

This week’s Quiches are made with Farm Fresh Free-Range Eggs from Stone and Iron Homestead in Pine Bush NY. They also offer their own Farm Raised Grass Fed meat products, too many to list! (If you care about knowing exactly where your meat comes from and how it was raised, this is the farm for you!)

Here's her Product List


Soup: Spinach and Tri Color Tortellini Quart. $9


Cupcakes: 4 for $13

Amaretto Cake with Fresh Cannoli topping, Toasted Coconut, Chocolate Chips, and a Cherry on top

Almond Cake with Raspberry Jam, Sliced Almonds, French Whip and Fresh Berries


Other Treats:

Individual Lemon Lime Nilla No Bake Cheesecakes with Lemon Curd 2 for $9

Cream Cheese Iced Cinnamon Buns 3 for $12

Chocolate Croissants 3 for $10

Salted Caramel Chocolate Lava Cakes 2 for $7

Giant Almond Bear Claws 2 for $11

Almond & Mixed Berry Braided Danish $11

Rolled Apricot Glazed Puffed Pastries $6 each

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